Wedding Photography Tips

Your Key To Success: Wedding Cakes

Fake it.

wedding photographers KentWedding cakes can be a bit pricey especially if you go for the towering multi tiered ones. If you are budget challenged, this might not even be up on the plate for you as an option but that doesn’t mean that you would have to deprive yourself of one. There is a certain value and impact brought on by a classy looking towering cake and believe it or not, you can still go through with it. The secret is for you to fake it. Keep an authentic base and fake it for the top tiers. No one has to know about it. It would also be practical for you to have a basic sheet cake out in the back of the kitchen to slice up and to distribute to the rest of the guests. For as long as the cake tastes good enough, they wouldn’t even notice the difference somewhere along the way. Oh and of course, make sure that your professional wedding photographers Kent get to have a good eyeful of the impressive (but fake) wedding cake; for photo purposes, of course.

Go small.

A cake can still be impressive and good enough to go through with even if it doesn’t resemble the size of a small car. You can go for a smaller one and no one will even care too much about it for as long as it has all of the right aesthetics going on for it in the end of it all. A small cake can still be beautiful and tasty. You just need to make sure that you pick out the design accordingly and that it is in league with the type of theme that you are shooting for in the wedding that you are planning out so far. It depends on your wedding photographers Kent how they can showcase the cake and still make it come out looking impressive and good enough for the wedding photos at the end of the day.

Simplify the add ons.

Or don’t go for any at all. You can always embellish your own cake. Go for a fondant one so that you don’t end up messing up the icing. You can add anything to everything from pearls to bits of lace and so on and so forth. Anything goes. You can even incorporate bits of fabrics and other floral or non floral elements that tie in well with the theme of the wedding that you have been planning out.

Use fresh flowers.

They are interesting and they tend to make for really dramatic looking cake toppers which is why you should consider this as a part of the options that you have for the cake embellishments when it all comes down to it. They cost far less than the sugar ones so try to keep that in mind whenever you have a cake that you need to design.

Opt out of the exotic fillings.

You don’t have to go for the passion fruit or guava or mango fillings. Go down the traditional route and save yourself literally hundreds of dollars somewhere in the process. Keep it simple with the flavors. A great cake is more of based on the texture than the flavour so you don’t have to go crazy with the exotic fillings while you are at it.