Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsNatural wedding photography is all about getting that authentic or natural look from the subjects from the facial expressions to the body language and even up to the way that the images have been captured. If professional Cheshire wedding photography is your chosen niche in the market of photography, then this is something that you will need to be able to perfect. If you have not tried this before, there is no need to worry because there is always the right time for everything. If you have absolutely no idea where to start off with this, again, there is a solution to all kinds of problems. Please feel free to read on because we have collated a few simple tips to help you perfect being able to capture wedding photos that look natural or candid yet still professional.

Walk away

Encourage your subjects to walk away and then walk back towards your direction as well. Walking is one of the simplest of exercises. It does not take up too much energy nor does it require much thinking and pre-planning as well. Consider this as a warm up for your photo shoot. Walking allows people to be in their element, to take things at their own pace, and to be a little more comfortable in front of the camera. If you are taking couple shots, encourage them to talk to each other. Having a topic to talk about helps them keep their minds off the fact that someone is actually following them to take their pictures.

Make them comfortable

Go out of your way to make your subjects feel comfortable and never film them looking uncomfortable or ill at ease. Uncomfortable faces never make for good pictures. As a professional wedding photographer, you should be able to spot this right off the bat and should not just brush it off and continue to film anyways. Instead, you can try to build a rapport with the subjects you are filming. Talk to them. Come up with friendly and light conversation. If you feel confident enough, perhaps you can crack a joke or two just to help them warm up. People look better when they are comfortable and make smiles look more genuine in the photographs.

Get close

If you are shooting group pictures, always encourage them to come closer to each other. Actual physical space in between subjects connotes a certain divide or discomfort that does not look that nice in wedding photos. Instead, encourage them to come closer, have some sort of physical connection like having a hand on a shoulder, holding hands, or whatever it is that may work for the group. This tip also works well for couples.

Remind your subjects that they do not have to look dead serious in all of the shots. A little personality every now and then never hurt and they make really great naturally looking and authentic looking photos. There’s a reason why a “wacky” pose is almost required right after a serious group pose. People who laugh or are enjoying themselves are perfect for photographs.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsIf you have been doing wedding photography professionally for quite some time now, it’s probably understandable that you sort of fall into a monochromatic routine of just thinking that it’s just another day and another dollar. That should not be the case though. Weddings are extremely exciting and colorful events and though they may not be the most important events in your life, they certainly are some other people’s most important days. Still, bringing your A game on every single time can pose quite a challenge but not exactly something that is hopeless. There are still a lot of things you can do to drum up some creativity into your craft and keep yourself as excited as your clients are as well all throughout the event.

The dawning digital age has been nothing but helpful when it comes to helping spread information and tips left and right and this is honestly something that you can really tap into. Whenever you feel as if the creative juices are running dry and you just feel downright uninspired, revisit the pages of the professional wedding photographers that you like the most and whose works inspire you to always work harder on your craft. Consider them as your proverbial dangling carrot and constant hope that someday, you will be able to make it the way they have made it in their careers. Follow their blogs and read up on what they have to say and what keeps them interested and excited.

Write your own photography bucket list

There are tons of materials posted online from Pinterest to Tumblr and so on and so forth. You read about a really interesting concept and make a mental note to be able to do it sometime in the foreseeable future. Why keep the note abstract? Pull out that pen and actually put it on paper – write it down. That way you will have something to mull over whenever you come across a creativity roadblock of sorts. Keep adding items on to the list and keep them in your arsenal of suggestions of a client asks for what possible options you may contribute to them and to their wedding photography shoot.

Bring your camera with you every day

This cannot be emphasized even more. In order for you to be able to constantly improve in your craft and to be able to find inspiration in everyday things, always bring your camera along with you. You never know when a perfect shot actually presents itself. You may just be having coffee and enjoying the outdoors when the most perfect composition of clouds decides to show itself in the sky. You never really know what’s going to happen next. Keeping an eye out for things like that keeps you constantly excited and makes you constantly inspired to practice your craft.

Play around with DIY accessories such as filters and whatnot

There is a whole plethora of them available online. And that’s not even the best part, the best part is that you will be able to do them for free or affordably because they most often require just the most basic of household supplies.