portrait photography studioIf you are planning to get some portraits done, you’ve come to the right place to find clues to finding the right place and guy. Portrait photography today is not as simple as standing in the portrait photography studio and have the photographer snap 2 or 3 pictures out of it. Depending on your purpose, you need to choose the right place and a suitable outfit to go with it.

First, you need to find the right person.

Who should take your pictures?

That photographer must have at least a couple of experiences in taking portrait pictures. At the very least, you need to be able to see portfolios of his works and be able to confirm yourself if you like his style. It’s much better if the picture contains someone who has a similar physical appearance to you and took pictures in a place that’s similar to what you want.

The photographer should also be someone you are comfortable to be around with. In case that this is a portrait photography with friends or family, you want to at least bring your partner together when you meet the photographer for the first time. Let someone else sound their opinion and tell you if there’s anything they like or particularly feel uncomfortable about with the photographer.

A quick guide to seeing if it’s going to be a fun session is if the photographer likes to joke around and starts a conversation to break the ice. It makes it easier for you to follow his direction and relax during the photography session later. And you can find one such photographer who owns a portrait photography studio from

The formal parts

After you’ve talked with the photographer, it’s time to get down to the formal and legal parts. This might include the signing of a contract of sorts just to get your agreement on it. Before you sign it, be sure that you get a guarantee on who will become your portrait photographer. You want someone who you’ve been consulting with, not just any photographer who doesn’t even know what you want.

It’s important that the studio is honest in this part, as a portrait session isn’t a cheap thing, to begin with. If it’s someone you have never met before, you can ask to have a meeting arranged to consult with the photographer beforehand. Talk about what the photographer plans, what kind of clothing should you wear as well as makeup and hairdos.

Don’t hesitate to speak out when you are having your pictures taken. If you think that you want to try a new pose, tell your photographer about it. If you think that this particular angle looks bad, ask to be shown the results first. If there’s a special location you want your portrait pictures to be taken at, make the request during your consultation.

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A professional portrait photographer will want to hear out your requests and after that, give you his opinions that are based on the best results that will come. It could be outdoor or in a portrait photography studio, but it won’t stop a professional from taking wondrous pictures of you.


portrait photographyPortrait photography provides an alternative for redundant and stuffy studio photography. With portrait photography, pictures loaded with life and with identities of their own can be taken in different locations.

Now, although taken portraits can be cool, there are still certain things that need to be done before the images or pictures captured come out looking excellent. The following are tricks and tips to good portraits:

Camera’s exposure setting

An important aspect of portrait photography is the exposure setting. To get a decent photograph, the setting of the exposure has to be just right to prevent the picture from looking mediocre. So, what you need to do here is to control the light of the camera. The amount of light introduce to the picture can blur the image or brighten the image. Depending on the type of portrait you are going for, it would be best to have the exposure set right.

Gap setting

The quality of a portrait is also affected by the setting of the gap. The gap setting is especially important when doing up close shoots. In the case of up close portrait shoots, the best approach to a perfect image would be to set the range of the gap between F/2.8 and F/5.6. Anything beyond this range might leave you with a less than stellar image.

The proposed gap setting keeps the background of the portrait hazy while laying emphasis on the object of the shoot. If you prefer, you can also set your DSLR camera to aperture mode which will give you more control over your field vision.

Speed of the shade

Portrait photography like that done on requires control over the speed of the shade. The diverseness of a portrait or the factor that distinguishes it from the others depends on the shade. Why? Shade can give photos life and at the same time it can make them appear dull if not handled the right way.

Therefore, you need to tweak the shutter speed of your camera when taking a portrait as a perfect snap can be ruined by it. Another way to go about gaining control over the speed of the shade/shutter is to make use of the image adjustment feature most cameras have. When working with different shutter speeds, zero motion will come in handy.

Increase the focal point

Good photography is all about the angles. A shot taken from a left angle might look better from the right angle but this is all a matter of perspective. The best way to save time on shooting from different angles would be to make use of wide angles for the focal points.

For wide angles, a suggested 1/20 ѕес аlоng wіth a fосаl lеngth оf 18mm would be food. But for a portrait, the best would be a focal length of 50-200 mm and gap rating f/2.8 for entrancing portraits.

Portrait photography requires a lot in terms of skill and imagination but another crucial aspect is in the setting of the camera. Follow the above steps to get the best portraits.


Prepare physically and mentally

portrait photographyKnowing how to properly work with a Liverpool photographer for a portrait photography shoot is the type of thing that you need to prepare for both physically and mentally and this ought to be something that you inform yourself the right way. There are a lot of things that you can do in order for help pave the way for what will technically constitute as a great portrait photo shoot and this is what you need to know as much as possible before you go and book or schedule any photo shoots somewhere along the way.

If you don’t know what you are doing in the beginning, it’s really quite OK to ask your photographer about it and it’s quite alright to go ahead and admit it as much as possible. Ask your photographer for all of the best concepts, all of the best poses, and probably even all of the best practices that he can go ahead and share out to you at some point or so during the duration of the portrait photo shoot or even before that. This will help you get things in line the right way and this will help you keep things in perspective when it all comes down to it. your portrait photographer has years and years of knowledge and he knows about all of the tips and tricks of the trade in ensuring that you come out looking great in all of the photos that are being taken of you at the end of the day so get this checked out as much as possible and things will surely map out for you the right way if you are patient enough for it.

Decide on a photo shoot location that makes you feel at ease all of the time.

You don’t have to go crazy over the details. If you don’t think that a photo studio setting will work out for you the right way, then don’t push for it and tell your photographer right out about it. Don’t go for something that you aren’t completely comfortable with just yet. Make it a point to always get things arranged for and mapped out the right way and you will surely get all of the things that you are planning to get out of the portrait photography shoot. When you are uncomfortable, it tends to show in the photos and this is not something that is easy to fix even for an extremely skilled portrait photographer. If you are somewhere comfy such as at home or in the office though, it can really change your aura as a person and it can be seen in the photos that are being taken of you at the end of the day.

Portrait photography might seem and sound technical but the basics are all the same.

Communicate well with the camera by evoking emotions through your eyes and by looking directly at the lens. Work with your portrait photographer and open up with any challenges that you might have.


Establish great communication

portrait photographerIf you would like your portrait photo shoot to turn out as a success, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to establish really great communication and relationships with the photographers that you are working with. Without the right relationship with the photographer, things can get pretty awkward and a bit hard to come by with eventually and this is something that you seriously need to go ahead and work out one way or the other. If you didn’t happen to get anyone for the job just yet, then what you can do is for you to try to initiate small talk with the photographer. Photographers are people too! Sometimes some of them are a bit shy in terms of talking whereas some will be a little bit more talkative than the usual. Although you are a paying client in portrait photography, you will still need to make sure that you pull in your part of the deal and try to be friendly with the photographer that you are trying to deal with at the end of the day.

Go through the rituals

As a person who is about to get his pictures taken by, you need to go through with the “rituals” of prepping up for the portrait photo shoot. Groom yourself the right way. Make sure that you have taken a shower and have gotten all dressed up for the party, looking all clean and well put together. Make sure that your nails are properly manicured and pedicured. It will surprise you time and time again how great nail care will at some point or so turn out to be in the pictures. The same thing goes for the rest of all of the other beautifying details included in the photography side of things. Make sure that you have waxed a few days before the shoot and not a day before. Your skin is going to look all red and blotchy. Give yourself around a week or so to really heal after the waxing. If you are planning to get a haircut, give yourself some time to grow into the haircut. This way, if you don’t like the way that it looks, you have roughly around a few days to change it up one way or the other. These are things that might seem superficial but they can highly affect your portrait photo shoot as a client so make sure that you take care of them right from the start.

Easy to work with

Find a portrait photographer in Scotland that is easy to work with and that you can feel comfortable with at the end of the day. Check out if you would like to see the gold standard in portrait photography. Always go for the best of the best there is in terms of what the market can offer out to you at the end of the day because this will make all of the difference in the world if you really put your mind and focus on what you need to do.


portrait photography tipsTaking a really proper and professional looking portrait photo requires a good amount of technical knowledge and a little more flair that you might actually take. Most people will think that taking a portrait photo is really no different than your usual selfie but professionals will beg to differ. As a matter of fact, there are a ton of tiny details that the professional photographers actually go through in order to attain those almost natural looking and carefree portrait photos. Portrait photography is not as easy as a selfie.

Here are a few tips that you can look into when working on your portrait photography game.

Be creative with the compositions of your portrait photography

Most people would have thought that there is really nothing challenging when it comes to shooting the portrait photos. Most people will just normally take the photos the same usual way but where is the fun in that, right? Try taking a photo of the subject just posing on one side of the frame; have the subject look out into space, or just have them looking over the shoulder which will depict a certain sense of mystery and excitement.

Invest in a really good reflector

This can help you balance out the light and dark elements of the photo. It also helps make the portrait photos coming out looking professional and smoothed out. The silver reflector usually has a more neutral effect and the purpose is towards more on just balancing the light. A gold reflector helps warm up the skin tones and brings in that sort of glowing look. It really varies depending on what kind of effect you would like to go for but having a reflector is definitely awesome for the skin and the profiles overall.

Shoot from a lower perspective

It comes up with a lot of really interesting shots and makes the subjects look inquisitive when they are looking down on the camera. Looking down also captures the subjects in angles that highlight the most prominent features of the face such as the jaws, the line of the nose, the ears, and even the soft slope of the neck.

No to front facing camera

This may seem counterintuitive if you own a smart phone but in the event that you would like to take up portrait photography using your phone, it is highly discouraged to use the front facing camera. In the technical details alone, the back facing camera has so much more impressive resolution and quality as opposed to the front facing one. The way to make this work if you’re taking your own photos is to set it up using the self timer and an even better option would be to use a tripod to help steady the camera taking session and help minimize the blur.

Make use of the advantage of natural light

As much as possible, do not use the artificial light coming from the camera’s flash. Natural light makes it easier for the photographer to play around with shadows and the balance between the light and the dark and highlights all of the best profiles in the portrait photo.