Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography1. Take a cue from the wedding photography experts.

You need to gain your inspiration from those people in wedding photography who have really been there and done that. Start by looking things up online and by checking out the wedding photographers that you like. Follow their blogs. Check out the works that they have posted on their portfolios. Check out all of the things that keep them inspired and interested at some point. Read up on what their tricks are and do your best to absorb them as much as you can. Eventually, you will be able to find out the things that you like and the things that you prefer once you are able to establish your trademark in the industry.

2. Enroll yourself in classes and trainings that will let you acquire skills.

This can help you get better with your art and with your craft. A little formal training in wedding photography will really go a long way. You get your hands on some technical knowledge and that is the kind of advantage of that you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on at some point. Education and training is one of the most important investments that you will ever get to make and it is the kind of investment that pays off in the long run. High profile photography jobs usually do not open up for people without some kind of credence or certification so this is actually something that might be able to help you a lot if you want to get ahead.

3. Read magazines.

This may sound a bit old school but it also helps if you read through some major wedding photography magazines. One of the best and most polished wedding photography styles out there are found in the editorial pages of the fashion wedding magazines. Taking time to leaf through those pages will give you enough inspiration and ideas that will surely notch your style up a bit at some point.

4. Learn how you will be able to edit your photos professionally and on your own.

Get your hands on great photo editing software and a good and working laptop to run the software on and for you to store your images in temporarily while you are going through the post shoot process. You have two ways to go about this; either you can teach yourself how to do it or you can attend some seminars or trainings so that you will be better versed in touching up the photos.

5. Shadow a more established  wedding photographer.

Ask to see if you can attend some of the weddings he is covering. Try to look up a veteran in the field and ask that wedding photographer surrey if he will let you tag along in the wedding events he has. This will more or less help you get your feet wet and get you acclimated to how things go down for photographers during weddings. You will be surprised at how much real world experience you will be getting out of this.


raw shooting modeRAW is not a single file format and you will not see a photo with RAW file extension. RAW is a common name used to refer to many different file formats. These RAW file formats keeps your photos at the best quality. Nikon camera uses the NEF file format. Canon used CR2 or CRW. They may sound different but they have a lot of thing in common. Each format represents a high quality and unprocessed or version of what the camera’s sensor saw when the shutter release is pressed. A RAW file does not have image compression, color enhancement or noise reduction. Most importantly, RAW file format keeps the full range and color quality. It also preserves brightness previously captured by the camera. If you really want to get best quality photos from your camera, try RAW format. This file format offers you flexibility when editing your photos.

Viewing RAW Photos using Windows

You may have noticed that windows will not automatically detect RAW files. Nowadays Microsoft Corporation has made it possible and easily works with RAW photos. You can easily use windows XP or windows 7. You simply need to install the right file decoder, that allows windows to treat your photos just like other files.

Sharing your RAW file with others

RAW files are bigger than JPEG and therefore difficult to send them through email. Even though there are challenges when it comes to sending these files, there is another method you can use. You can save a RAW photo or image as a JPEG file in your window’s live photo gallery.

Benefits of RAW

RAW enable you to easily and effectively edit your photos since image has more information embedded to start or begin with. If you take your time to edit photos, you will get good results. I bet you will admire the results.

Best quality

RAW offers the highest and best quality unlike JPEG. You can shoot your photos and process them to the best of your ability. You can produce the best results. Our Orange County wedding photographer loves shooting in RAW.

Adjust white balance

RAW mode allows you easily adjust white balance unlike JPEG where the white balance is applied to the image.. With RAW, it is easy to adjust the white balance. Great white and color balance I essential in producing the best and quality image. RAW makes it easier and faster to adjust and make changes for better results.

Better details

RAW also enable you to get better details. Features such as algorithms and sharpening improve the quality of your photos. RAW also allows you to enjoy non-destructive editing. You do not have to worry about ruining your photo. You just need to reset your adjustments or start over again. Unlike JPEG files that lose quality as soon as you open them or make adjustments, RAW files never disappoints. They give the very best quality. RAW file have an efficient workflow and makes it possible for you go give the best results or service. Many photographers who are use RAW mode are able to offer the best. If you have never used RAW, try it and you will note the huge quality difference compared with JPEG.