Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsNatural wedding photography is all about getting that authentic or natural look from the subjects from the facial expressions to the body language and even up to the way that the images have been captured. If professional Cheshire wedding photography is your chosen niche in the market of photography, then this is something that you will need to be able to perfect. If you have not tried this before, there is no need to worry because there is always the right time for everything. If you have absolutely no idea where to start off with this, again, there is a solution to all kinds of problems. Please feel free to read on because we have collated a few simple tips to help you perfect being able to capture wedding photos that look natural or candid yet still professional.

Walk away

Encourage your subjects to walk away and then walk back towards your direction as well. Walking is one of the simplest of exercises. It does not take up too much energy nor does it require much thinking and pre-planning as well. Consider this as a warm up for your photo shoot. Walking allows people to be in their element, to take things at their own pace, and to be a little more comfortable in front of the camera. If you are taking couple shots, encourage them to talk to each other. Having a topic to talk about helps them keep their minds off the fact that someone is actually following them to take their pictures.

Make them comfortable

Go out of your way to make your subjects feel comfortable and never film them looking uncomfortable or ill at ease. Uncomfortable faces never make for good pictures. As a professional wedding photographer, you should be able to spot this right off the bat and should not just brush it off and continue to film anyways. Instead, you can try to build a rapport with the subjects you are filming. Talk to them. Come up with friendly and light conversation. If you feel confident enough, perhaps you can crack a joke or two just to help them warm up. People look better when they are comfortable and make smiles look more genuine in the photographs.

Get close

If you are shooting group pictures, always encourage them to come closer to each other. Actual physical space in between subjects connotes a certain divide or discomfort that does not look that nice in wedding photos. Instead, encourage them to come closer, have some sort of physical connection like having a hand on a shoulder, holding hands, or whatever it is that may work for the group. This tip also works well for couples.

Remind your subjects that they do not have to look dead serious in all of the shots. A little personality every now and then never hurt and they make really great naturally looking and authentic looking photos. There’s a reason why a “wacky” pose is almost required right after a serious group pose. People who laugh or are enjoying themselves are perfect for photographs.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsOne of the most sought after effects in wedding photography is the casual or candid look. It is more highly regarded as natural wedding photography. This is trickier than it sounds because the photographer is tasked to make the photos look authentic or natural, like he’s just watching scenes from daily life, without having it look too ordinary or bland. There is a balance that needs to be juggled and it is still an ever evolving craft. Taking candid photos may not be new to you but wedding photography is a whole new different playing field. The photos still require the same professional finish, more effects and finishing touches, a theme or sense of story, and more importantly, make the subjects naturally look their best without looking too contrived. Achieving this is definitely possible with a few tips in mind.

Ask if the subjects are willing to do a photo walk

This is particularly nice if the location is nice looking such as a beach, a really nicely maintained garden, a lush forest, or a turn-of-the-century Victorian mansion. The idea of having the subjects walk is that they are more at ease, their bodies relax, and on top of that, you get to factor in the wonderful background and include all of them in your photo composition. As an added touch, for the couple photos, ask them to talk about anything and everything. Talking gets rid of the awkwardness and discomfort some people feel with having their photos taken.

Make small talk and build rapport with your subjects

There are times when the photographer may come off as a wee bit intimidating especially when they wear serious looks on their faces and when they don’t say a thing. Clients usually misconstrue these behavioral details as possible signs of arrogance or criticism but that is not always the case. Some photographers just aren’t that chatty and they’re probably not smiling because they’re more focused on getting those perfect shots. You can break the ice by conversing with them in between takes. Keep it light and keep it friendly. Ask them if they’re doing OK. Ask them what they think about the venue and what they loved about it since they chose it. Crack an occasional joke just to make them smile but never go beyond what is appropriate.

Compliment women

And speaking of conversation, this usually works for the women; do not be afraid to compliment them. Women have an almost instantaneous blushing and smiling response to genuine sounding compliments so keep it short and simple and more importantly, straight from the heart. Again, you are supposed to stay within the appropriate boundaries of complimenting. Too much complimenting may already sound like you’re flirting and that’s definitely not the best way to go about with it especially if you’re male and you’re the one filming the bride.

Promote personality and egg them on to have fun during the shoot. Let them be comfortable enough to have fun and be themselves in front of the camera.


portrait photography tipsTaking a really proper and professional looking portrait photo requires a good amount of technical knowledge and a little more flair that you might actually take. Most people will think that taking a portrait photo is really no different than your usual selfie but professionals will beg to differ. As a matter of fact, there are a ton of tiny details that the professional photographers actually go through in order to attain those almost natural looking and carefree portrait photos. Portrait photography is not as easy as a selfie.

Here are a few tips that you can look into when working on your portrait photography game.

Be creative with the compositions of your portrait photography

Most people would have thought that there is really nothing challenging when it comes to shooting the portrait photos. Most people will just normally take the photos the same usual way but where is the fun in that, right? Try taking a photo of the subject just posing on one side of the frame; have the subject look out into space, or just have them looking over the shoulder which will depict a certain sense of mystery and excitement.

Invest in a really good reflector

This can help you balance out the light and dark elements of the photo. It also helps make the portrait photos coming out looking professional and smoothed out. The silver reflector usually has a more neutral effect and the purpose is towards more on just balancing the light. A gold reflector helps warm up the skin tones and brings in that sort of glowing look. It really varies depending on what kind of effect you would like to go for but having a reflector is definitely awesome for the skin and the profiles overall.

Shoot from a lower perspective

It comes up with a lot of really interesting shots and makes the subjects look inquisitive when they are looking down on the camera. Looking down also captures the subjects in angles that highlight the most prominent features of the face such as the jaws, the line of the nose, the ears, and even the soft slope of the neck.

No to front facing camera

This may seem counterintuitive if you own a smart phone but in the event that you would like to take up portrait photography using your phone, it is highly discouraged to use the front facing camera. In the technical details alone, the back facing camera has so much more impressive resolution and quality as opposed to the front facing one. The way to make this work if you’re taking your own photos is to set it up using the self timer and an even better option would be to use a tripod to help steady the camera taking session and help minimize the blur.

Make use of the advantage of natural light

As much as possible, do not use the artificial light coming from the camera’s flash. Natural light makes it easier for the photographer to play around with shadows and the balance between the light and the dark and highlights all of the best profiles in the portrait photo.


raw shooting modeRAW is not a single file format and you will not see a photo with RAW file extension. RAW is a common name used to refer to many different file formats. These RAW file formats keeps your photos at the best quality. Nikon camera uses the NEF file format. Canon used CR2 or CRW. They may sound different but they have a lot of thing in common. Each format represents a high quality and unprocessed or version of what the camera’s sensor saw when the shutter release is pressed. A RAW file does not have image compression, color enhancement or noise reduction. Most importantly, RAW file format keeps the full range and color quality. It also preserves brightness previously captured by the camera. If you really want to get best quality photos from your camera, try RAW format. This file format offers you flexibility when editing your photos.

Viewing RAW Photos using Windows

You may have noticed that windows will not automatically detect RAW files. Nowadays Microsoft Corporation has made it possible and easily works with RAW photos. You can easily use windows XP or windows 7. You simply need to install the right file decoder, that allows windows to treat your photos just like other files.

Sharing your RAW file with others

RAW files are bigger than JPEG and therefore difficult to send them through email. Even though there are challenges when it comes to sending these files, there is another method you can use. You can save a RAW photo or image as a JPEG file in your window’s live photo gallery.

Benefits of RAW

RAW enable you to easily and effectively edit your photos since image has more information embedded to start or begin with. If you take your time to edit photos, you will get good results. I bet you will admire the results.

Best quality

RAW offers the highest and best quality unlike JPEG. You can shoot your photos and process them to the best of your ability. You can produce the best results. Our Orange County wedding photographer loves shooting in RAW.

Adjust white balance

RAW mode allows you easily adjust white balance unlike JPEG where the white balance is applied to the image.. With RAW, it is easy to adjust the white balance. Great white and color balance I essential in producing the best and quality image. RAW makes it easier and faster to adjust and make changes for better results.

Better details

RAW also enable you to get better details. Features such as algorithms and sharpening improve the quality of your photos. RAW also allows you to enjoy non-destructive editing. You do not have to worry about ruining your photo. You just need to reset your adjustments or start over again. Unlike JPEG files that lose quality as soon as you open them or make adjustments, RAW files never disappoints. They give the very best quality. RAW file have an efficient workflow and makes it possible for you go give the best results or service. Many photographers who are use RAW mode are able to offer the best. If you have never used RAW, try it and you will note the huge quality difference compared with JPEG.


wedding tipsPinterest has become an instrumental part of the wedding planning process. Brides and event planners are increasingly turning to this popular social bookmarking site for inspiration due to its highly organized structure and endless possibilities.

While Pinterest provides a great organizational and inspirational platform, it does offer limitless choices. For that reason, it’s important for brides to keep a few thoughts in mind when using Pinterest to conceptualize their dream wedding.

Create & Share Wedding Boards

One of the highlights of Pinterest is that it is a platform centered around the collaboration of ideas through user-generated content. This means that brides and event planners not only have access to thousands of ideas, but brides can also create boards and share them with contributors — wedding planners, florists, caterers, vendors, bridesmaids — which is what has really made the difference in the wedding planning industry.

The ability to share visual ideas with wedding planners, designers and even with your north east wedding photographer creates clear lines of communication about what you want for your wedding and allows the event planners to transform these images into distinctive, one-of-a-kind designs for your ceremony or reception.

Follow Designers’ Boards

Many designers use Pinterest to showcase their latest designs and the newest trends. Looking to these knowledgeable experts is valuable both for wedding inspiration as well as ideas for how to categorize your boards.

In addition to being a helpful resource for brides, wedding planners also benefit from these upscale designers because their ideas provide a strong foundation from which to build. Plus, the distinctive trendsetting quality that you get from prominent designers is important if you want to make a profound impression on the guests at your wedding.

Be Consistent and Genuine

If you are planning to use Pinterest as a wedding planning tool, be sure to favor quality over quantity; don’t pin everything you see. Focus only on the items you truly like. Work with your wedding planner, florist and event designers as early as possible to outline a vision for your wedding. This is important because it will help you retain a consistent theme as you search for ideas, and it ensures that once you create and share your Pinterest boards, everyone is on the same page.

Most importantly, in order to create a truly elegant and stunning wedding, you must consistently collaborate with your design team. While Pinterest has been found to be a great resource for brides who are planning a wedding, there is nothing more valuable than the expertise that comes with years of event planning and design.

An important reason for the site’s success is that it allows users to see what they want without the prior permission of the owner of the images. This is one of the factors that accounts for its viral success.

Here are just some of the ways to use Pinterest.

  • Create custom product pinboards that indirectly market those products.

If you are selling clothes online, you can create a far more attractive “look” by showing a combination of clothes and accessories. You can create a customised pinboard for a particular audience or segment of your customers. Again taking the example of the online clothing retailer you could create pinboards for different age groups or types of customer.

  • Perform a market research

Pinterest is great for market research where you can publish images of products in development or again in the case of the clothing retailer, create “looks” and testing with their customers prior to their buying stock for the new season.

Pinterest is also perfect for educating your prospects or customers with video the pinboard is an ideal place to collect all your educational material