Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photographyWedding photography is mainly about making sure that you are able to immortalize the moments that come through on that fateful event. It is the day that two people come together and bring their lives and the rest of their families along to share a life together. Aside from the actual documentation of the event and of all the people who attended it, wedding photography is also all about injecting fun and art in the midst of it all. Keeping the creative juices running may actually be far harder than you would think it is. This is something that you would have to keep working on every single day. You have to look at every day things and work on constantly appreciating the little things and keeping that inspiration running.

And speaking of creativity and inspiration, we have a few stellar ideas that you may want to try out. Wedding photography may be an art as old as time but bringing in new things for you to try out might just be the fresh spin that you can put in to make it more original and interesting not just for your portfolio but for the pleasure of your clients as well, of course.

1. Try to go ahead and take an aerial view of the wedding dress spread out on the grass.

It can also be on the bed. As a matter of fact, any flat surface that is picturesque enough will do. It is something interesting and intriguing. You may even have the variations of just taking photos of the dress alone and even with the bride wearing it as well.

2. Including different generations of women and men in the family is also a great way to make for a creative photograph.

This is something that appeals to a sense of history in the family and something that also evokes touching emotions in both friends and family members.

3. Another great idea would be to have an aerial shot of the couple being surrounded by the people they love and those who love them in return.

It can be in the form of a circle, a heart, or whatever shape you might think might appeal to the aesthetics in the image.

4. Take photos of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen while they are getting ready.

This is a trick that has always been up every wedding photographer’s sleeve but something that still pretty much works every time. Our Los Angeles Wedding Photographer does this most of the time. It is touchy and it has a certain sense of glamour in the works and that kind of feel appeals quite well to people.

5. Take a “first look “shot of the bride with her father.

It is one of the most emotional aspects of a wedding. The dad is basically giving away his little girl. If this is something that you will be able to capture candidly and touchingly, try to stay back so as not to make them self conscious but you can still get close-ups with the help of a telephoto lens that will enable you to do the shot.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsWedding events are few and far in between and most people only get married once in their lifetime so there is quite the demand to be able to really successfully immortalize the memory of the events that happen during that precious day. This is also the reason why finding a wedding photographer who is a perfect fit for all of the things that you want and need to happen is so important. You are also paying good money for a service like this so you might as well go out of your way in making sure that you make this happen.


The first thing for you to check out would be the kind of style that a wedding photographer goes with. What does he specialize in? There are several types out there. The three main types would be the traditional style, the photojournalistic style, and the fashion editing style which is pretty much a combination of the first two. The traditional style is a very staged and choreographed photography style that gives out most of the artistic control to the photographer. The photojournalistic style is a more casual and less contrived approach. The photographer is sort of a spectator and just lets the events happen while he is in the background taking in the images. The fashion editing style involves a mixture of both traditional and photojournalistic styles.


The next thing for you to find out is whether or not a wedding photographer has enough people in his team to cover your wedding. If it is a relatively huge wedding of say, about a hundred guests, then you will need a team of at least three people in the wedding photography team. Weddings are huge and there are a lot of tasks that need to be covered. You need to make sure that they are covered by all means because what is at stake at products that will give you something to remember your special day by.

Turnaround times

Make sure that you are quite satisfied with a wedding photographer’s promised turnaround times. What you are looking for is basically a wedding photographer who will be able to deliver you the finished photos in a matter of a few days within a week. Any more than that will take too long at some point. You want someone who edits hard and can really deliver results quite efficiently and speedily. They say if you cannot do it fast, you may not know how to do it at all. Take note of that when you are on the lookout for a surrey wedding photographer.


Also try to take the time in really getting to know about the wedding photographer in terms of his previous experiences and in terms of the kind of impression he has left on his previous clients so far. Ask if it is more or less alright for you to contact their former clients to ask for live recommendations. What their clients have to say about them is extremely important and meaningful and should say a lot about whether you will proceed to hire them or not.

Wedding Photography Tips

lake como weddingIf you are going for something romantic and exotic at the same time, there’s no place that can be more apt than setting the landscape for a Lake Como wedding in Europe. You’re probably just letting it all sink in and you’re thinking that it can be a bit too overwhelming having to plan your wedding from across the pond. Well yes, there will be challenges and roadblocks along the way and you may be forced to make some compromises along the way but all those are a small price to pay for getting a quaint and romantic authentic Italian wedding, don’t you think?

Where is Lake Como?

Lake Como in Italy is one of the most sought after wedding destinations out there and with good reason. The whole place seeps of history and culture. Italy is also widely known for great food and for romance. That combination is a killer that will surely take everything else with it to a homerun. This is the kind of destination wedding that should be one for the books and you know it. One downside to this though is the fact that it is so popular, it’s quite difficult to get a venue reservation and get everything else you may possibly want on the side. Thus, it demands extra knack for the little details, the right string of local connections that you can tap into, and really influential wedding planners to take advantage of.

How to Plan a Lake Como wedding?

One useful tip for a Lake Como wedding to pan out would be for you to plan well ahead of time and make your reservations. Because of the fact that the place is so popular, it can get difficult trying to secure an area exclusively. Get that concern out of the way by planning as far ahead of time as you possibly can. There are also stricter rules usually enforced for foreigners getting married there so you have the legalities, permits, and so on and you need to get out of the way as well.

Sure, all this sounds like a whole of work but when it all comes down to it, you get a wedding that is authentic and just hands down one for the books. It doesn’t get any better than that. Sure, you’re going to need to be able to plan things out way in advance than you normally would compared to a normal wedding but that only means that you get to have more time to iron out the kinks to make sure that everything goes perfectly well come wedding day.

More than that, one real upside when it comes to destination weddings is the fact that you are able to keep it small and intimate. The people who will even bother to take time out of their busy lives to up and leave and go to a completely different country just to see you tie the knot are the only people that matter, to begin with. So when you get to come to think of it, a Lake Como wedding really is worth every pretty penny and every extra amount of time you spend getting it together.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsGet yourself some experience in wedding photography first before you book any clients

Going in head first without any kind of experience whatsoever is highly unwise. If you are looking to embarrass yourself and traumatize your clients with bad service and sub par finished photos, then by all means, go in without any kind of experience at all. But if you are aiming to grow your business and seriously make a profession out of wedding photography, then you should do otherwise and get some experience first. Ask some photographer friends or an experienced wedding photographer north wales you know if you can ride shotgun and assist them in the weddings they cover just so that you get a feel for it and try to do practice shots of your own in the process as well.

Make sure that you are geared up and ready to hit the ground running

Your gear is your primary line of offense and should be of utmost priority. If you are thinking about launching a career in wedding photography, chances are, you already have all of the right gear to begin with. However, if you are starting from scratch and don’t really have a sky high budget for it, you can start off with a modest D5 DSLR. It’s not as expensive as the 1-Series but it still delivers photos that are pretty high in quality so it should do the job for you to start with, just until you are able to pool enough funds for the higher end stuff. Make sure that you have a secondary camera as well to serve as backup. You can never be too sure with technical gear, after all.

Maintain open lines of communication with your clients and talk things out with them

Do not be afraid to really converse back and forth with your clients. It pays to know what is on their minds and what they would really like to get out of your services. If you think that you cannot deliver some things they want, do not sugarcoat and tell it to them straight, but offer some kind of compromise to help assuage them as well. It’s all a delicate balance that you will soon be able to juggle.

Get an assistant to help you or bring an entire team together

You can’t go in and be the alpha male lone wolf in the wedding photography niche. You need to seriously look into getting someone else to help you out or share your business with. It takes a lot of work to bring a wedding coverage together and is barely something two people can do if they spread themselves thin so doing it all alone would be next to impossible. Even better, you can bring a team of 3 or more in. It will help tremendously in the event that there are clients who would like to book on the same dates.

Invest in continuing education so you can learn more about your craft

This is not an absolute requirement but something that can help you out regardless. Knowledge means power and it’s no different when it comes to the kind of knowledge that you hold in a professional career. Look out for workshops and seminars wherein you can continually improve your skills. Education is the best investment you can bring to yourself.

Have a contract drawn up and get it reviewed by an attorney

Get your legalities covered as much as possible and cover all the possible loopholes. A wise businessman always makes sure that all his risks are mitigated.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsNatural wedding photography is all about getting that authentic or natural look from the subjects from the facial expressions to the body language and even up to the way that the images have been captured. If professional Cheshire wedding photography is your chosen niche in the market of photography, then this is something that you will need to be able to perfect. If you have not tried this before, there is no need to worry because there is always the right time for everything. If you have absolutely no idea where to start off with this, again, there is a solution to all kinds of problems. Please feel free to read on because we have collated a few simple tips to help you perfect being able to capture wedding photos that look natural or candid yet still professional.

Walk away

Encourage your subjects to walk away and then walk back towards your direction as well. Walking is one of the simplest of exercises. It does not take up too much energy nor does it require much thinking and pre-planning as well. Consider this as a warm up for your photo shoot. Walking allows people to be in their element, to take things at their own pace, and to be a little more comfortable in front of the camera. If you are taking couple shots, encourage them to talk to each other. Having a topic to talk about helps them keep their minds off the fact that someone is actually following them to take their pictures.

Make them comfortable

Go out of your way to make your subjects feel comfortable and never film them looking uncomfortable or ill at ease. Uncomfortable faces never make for good pictures. As a professional wedding photographer, you should be able to spot this right off the bat and should not just brush it off and continue to film anyways. Instead, you can try to build a rapport with the subjects you are filming. Talk to them. Come up with friendly and light conversation. If you feel confident enough, perhaps you can crack a joke or two just to help them warm up. People look better when they are comfortable and make smiles look more genuine in the photographs.

Get close

If you are shooting group pictures, always encourage them to come closer to each other. Actual physical space in between subjects connotes a certain divide or discomfort that does not look that nice in wedding photos. Instead, encourage them to come closer, have some sort of physical connection like having a hand on a shoulder, holding hands, or whatever it is that may work for the group. This tip also works well for couples.

Remind your subjects that they do not have to look dead serious in all of the shots. A little personality every now and then never hurt and they make really great naturally looking and authentic looking photos. There’s a reason why a “wacky” pose is almost required right after a serious group pose. People who laugh or are enjoying themselves are perfect for photographs.