Wedding Photography Tips

Save up.

wedding photography tipsThere are no shortcuts to this. If you would like a fighting chance at being able to go after your dreams as a wedding photographer, you need to make sure you will be able to pool enough funds in order for you to come up with the equipment that you need to kick start your career as a wedding photographer. This means though that you will have to sacrifice a little bit in order for you to get everything that you could ever need as an aspiring wedding photographer. It might mean less dinner dates on the weekends. It may mean skipping out on that scheduled shopping spree during the mall sale. It might even mean passing up on the new iPhone. As a wedding photographer, you will be coming across a lot of instances or circumstances wherein your resolve will be really put to the test. If this is something that you would really like to end up doing somewhere along the way, then you need to make sure that you are able to sacrifice a little bit for it at the end of the day. Save your money. Set it aside and put it to good use when the right time comes. Starting a career based on debt is not a good way to go and you know it.

Get a job or any other income source on the side.

It helps when you have money coming in because it means that you will be able to allocate it your wedding photographer needs. If you are currently holding a job somewhere, even if it has nothing to do with being a wedding photographer, don’t give it up just yet or don’t give it up ever. A stable income source is something that will help to keep you afloat when you aren’t really booking any clients as a wedding photographer edinburgh just yet. You will also be needing constant upgrades in your wedding photographer gear. This will cost you a lot of money. You will not be able to afford it if you do not have any income source coming in from somewhere else. It’s nice to be ideal but you also need to be practical and smart with how you handle your career moves in this day and age.

Check out online deals for second hand gear or equipment.

Your gear does not have to be brand new all  the time. If you will be able to get your hands on pre loved wedding photographer gear, then there really is no shame in that. It is something that you can make do with for the time being, just until you are able to start booking clients left and right and money keeps coming in already.

Borrow or lease while you still can.

Your networking efforts will come in handy when you have gear that you might need to borrow from friends and other people that you have managed to connect with over the years. Make use of these connections.


photo booth rentalWhen people claim that a photo booth rental service is something that practically anyone will be able to pull off, they really aren’t exaggerating. There really is a ring of truth when it comes to that statement. A photo booth rental service is not all that hard to pull off, even if you are not a practicing photographer by profession. For as long as this is a kind of business that you are willing to go ahead and venture into one way or the other and for as long as you back it up with adequate research and basic knowledge, you should be able to run a photo booth rental service without too much difficulty at the end of the day. Even if you are someone who considers himself as someone who is technologically challenge, the instructions that come along with setting up the photo booth rental equipment as well as running it is really not all that hard to figure out for as long as you are interested enough to find out about it one way or the other.

Check out the place and come in hours before the event starts.

You need to be at the venue hours before the actual event takes place. This is mainly because the photo booth rental equipment can be a bit of a challenge to set up. You need to make sure that you are somewhere that is being frequented by a lot of people but at the same time, you need to also make sure that your gear will be kept safe from being knocked over by rowdy guests who might be having a little too much fun at times during the event. There are a lot of variables that you will need to check out and you will not be able to get all of this sorted out if you are pressured for time when you are setting up. That is why it would always be wise to make sure that you have some kind of leeway for the setup time of your photo booth rental equipment just in case you have any last minute changes or adjustments somewhere along the way. You also need to make the that the lighting, the angles, the distance from the camera to the backdrop, are all OK and are all done the right way in the end of it all.

Be particular with the positioning of the equipment, the lighting, and the like.

You need to come up with a kind of setup that will be conducive to a good work flow all throughout the photo booth rental coverage and more than that, you also need to make sure that you arrange the equipment in such a way wherein it will not be awkward for people to walk around in.

Always bring in extra rolls of ink and paper just in case.

It can be hard to find some extra supplies if you have not prepared any well ahead of time, especially when you are working alone, which will usually be the case in a photo booth rental service.

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wedding photographyIf you are a bit of a newbie when it comes to blogging as a wedding photographer, it would help you out a lot if you have something that you can more or less pattern things after at the end of the day. Check out other sites such as so that you have some kind of guide to help you out with the content and topics that you should be tackling. It is always good practice for you as a professional photographer to make sure that you are constantly on the ball of things. Inspiration and creativity is crucial to your success as a photographer and that is what you should constantly aim to go ahead and cultivate through the blogs that you are trying to update and post up. Have a list of the professional photographers that you are constantly looking up to so that you will be able to more or less stay updated when it comes to the new ideas and posts that they are putting up for their followers at the end of the day. This is a great way for you to come up with interesting concepts and perspectives without pressuring yourself too much all throughout the process. Put a new spin to it so that you don’t come off as a copycat or so that you don’t end up looking too dry from ideas.


Pay attention to how sites such as lay out their images. Image layout is crucial to the overall success of the blog and this is what you should prioritize as well. When you have an image layout that looks boring or monotonous, the audience might click off a little too soon before they even get to the part wherein they are already at the end of your blog. This is something that you should get to avoid as much as possible.


Think about the keywords that sites such as are using so that you have an idea about what you should be writing up and writing about as well. You need keywords that people are constantly hitting the search engines up for. This means that you are going to need to do a little bit more research about the most popular keywords out there. You will be able to observe this from the way that the more established wedding photography blogs pan out their keywords. This is not something that you will be able to learn about all in one go so if you are having a bit of trouble at the start, that’s really quite normal and you don’t have to feel discouraged about it at all. Just keep working on it as you go on and as you progress in your blog writing session and try to check how to see things as they come along one way or the other. There are a lot of apps and software programs out there that will allow you to take a glimpse into the keywords required for a fully optimized site.


Set up the place well.

newborn photography tipsIf you are prepping up for a newborn photography Calgary shoot, you need to make sure that you get the place set up well before the newborn baby and his parents arrive. This is mainly because you will not have a lot of time for the shoot. Babies tend to come with a very short fuse or temper and that is something that you should be well prepared for. Prepare everything ahead of time because you will not really have a lot of leeway available once the baby gets there and that is why you need to make sure that as much as possible, you are able to maximize the time and the opportunity that you are able to get your hands on beforehand.

Newborn babies are extremely fragile.

They can also turn out to be extremely fickle and moody. They might seem like they are in a really food mood right now but that can easily change one way or the other. Although the newborn baby may turn out to be in a really good mood the moment that he comes in for the photo shoot, it can immediately change without a moment’s notice anytime. This means that you don’t really know for sure what kind of time you have in your hands and that is why you should make the most use out of what you may currently have.

Be picky with props.

Another thing to check out in newborn photography Calgary is that you should be picky with the props that you get to use. Although hats, scarves, blankets, and the like are quite common, you need to make sure that you go for the highest quality ones as well as for the ones that are well maintained as well.  You can play around with the props that are readily available but you need to make sure that when it all comes down to it, you will be able to make it in line with the kind of vibe that your clients are going for in newborn photography Calgary. You need to make sure as well that the props that you do incorporate into the newborn photography Calgary shoot do not end up overtaking the fact that the newborn baby should always be the star of the photo shoot. The baby should not be drowned out in the rest of the details and this is what you should always be watching out for at the end of the day. Keep things minimal and tasteful but with lasting impact when in the end of it all.

You can’t pick the moments in newborn photography Calgary.

Be safe and opt for a continuous shooting mode to make sure that you don’t end up missing a beat. Figure out how to set your camera in this particular kind of mode during the baby photo shoot so that you will be able to get a hold of all of the important moments during the photo shoot and not end up missing out on anything as you go along.


It is challenging.

baby photographyDealing with babies may sound cute and may seem like a walk in the park but baby photography is actually quite challenging and something that you might need a little bit of time in order for you to get the hang of. If you have not had any experience when it comes to being a parent before, then you should seriously brace yourself for the challenges up ahead. They will not be easy. Also, there is a pretty good chance that some things might shock you to the point wherein it might take you out of your element at the end of the day and this is never a good thing.

However, this does not mean that you cannot tackle baby photography and be an expert in it right out. You can always learn how to do things that you have enough determination for. There will be a lot of tough spots that you will come head to head with as you get into the industry of baby photography and although this can seriously challenge you a lot, what you can be quite rest assured of is that this is something that you will definitely be able to overcome when it all comes down to it.

Make use of the aspect of distortion.

Babies are small and they look helpless. This is something that you should play down in baby photography. Distortion is extremely important to boudoir photography and it is just as important as well to baby photography. Babies are small and they can be drowned out in the background and with the rest of the other props that are being incorporated into the photos if you don’t know how to have a go at distortion. You need to make sure that you make the baby appear bigger than normal and that you play up the profiles and the features a bit so that the baby ends up consuming most of the frame. This is the only way for you to make sure that the baby becomes the main focus of attention all throughout the shots that you are taking of him. Investing in a macro lens when it comes to this will get to make your life so much easier when you are trying to make a run for distortion during the baby photography.

Opt for a simple backdrop.

It does not really have to be anything too loud and too colorful. As a matter of fact, the simpler the backdrop can turn out to be, the better things will be for the rest of the shots that you are taking during the baby photography shoot. The baby is already more than enough for you to focus on. You don’t really have to end up embellishing the photo shoot too much because you will have more than enough materials and elements to work with for as long as you are well aware of all of the basic principles that you will need to observe in baby photography. Either go for a black background or for a completely white background or something that is fairly simple and neutral. Any prints or any other patterns should be avoided as much as possible.