Wedding Photography Tips

How To Throw The Best Wedding Ever

Keep the ceremony jam packed.

wedding photographer LeicesterAny lulls or delays in between programs could lead to your wedding guests getting bored or something similar to that during the wedding ceremony. A wedding ceremony can be as short or as long as you would like it to be so make it a point to keep it short and sweet to make the most out of the occasion. Although the momentous time wherein you and your partner tie the knot and seal it with a kiss is something that is bound to be looked forward to by all accounts, the rest of the other stuff surrounding it will turn out to be a bit of an anticlimax and one that you ought to go ahead and cut short as much as possible if you will be allowed to do so. Also make sure that your wedding photographer Leicester gets to have all of the best angles. Talk to the officiant for the wedding ahead of time just so that you will be able to establish right off the bat if the photographer will be allowed to shoot near the altar. A long range lens can always get the trick done and shot from afar but nothing beats authentic closeup action so get the details sorted out in advance as much as possible so that you have less things left to tick off on your checklist of items to do or ground to cover.

Greet each and every single guest.

Make sure that you get to go out of your way to really grace them with your hugs and thank you’s because this will at least give them a sense of fulfilment for being there for you and for your partner during the big day. There will be a lot of times during the wedding wherein you might be feeling a little tired and a little lazy but try to fight through it and try to make sure that you are always able to gain their favour by thanking them for being there. Most of these people have asked for some time off from work or have travelled from different countries just to be able to show their support for you on that joyous day. the least that you can do to pay that back is to make sure that you thank them enough for it so go around the wedding reception venue and make sure that you let them know just how happy and grateful you are to them for being able to make it.

Splurge on an open bar.

Do not at any point in time, allow your guests to go ahead and pay for their own drinks. Although it is a fairly small thing to have to think about, it tends to leave a bad taste in the mouth or it tends to give them the impression that you are cutting costs during the wedding. Make no mistake though, it is perfectly alright and perhaps even recommended for you to cut any costs that you possibly can but you don’t have to include the bar in those options. As a matter of fact, you should splurge on the bar. It will give way to merriments during the wedding reception.

Keep the speeches short.

Do this as much as possible. Don’t give people a free reign on the microphone unless you want the night to drag on and on. Curate the people that you are giving the microphone air time to so that the night goes on seamlessly.