Wedding Photography Tips

How to Establish a Great Wedding Photography Work Flow

Arrange and organize your file folders in wedding photography accordingly.

wedding photography tipsEverything should be sorted out and filed the right way. This way, you know where everything is. You will not end up wasting too much time trying to find something that you need the moment that you need to take it out. Section your categories ahead of time so that you will not have anything more to worry about the moment that you get to the post shoot or editing part of wedding photography. You have a lot of different ways for you to more or less categorize your shots. You can base if off of the dates, which is probably the most common.

Make sure that you name the albums accordingly as well based on the names of the actual clients.

Another trick would be to break the file down even more by making sure that certain sections of the wedding photography shoot are taken advantage of and well taken care of at the end of the day. When it all comes down to it, there is no right or wrong way for you to approach things and how to cultivate or develop stuff as they go along.

Don’t procrastinate.

Time yourself and give yourself a bit of a deadline whenever you are working on wedding photography projects. When you procrastinate or push things off for a later time, you don’t end up putting your time on a pretty tight leash. As a wedding photographer based in Orange County, you need to make sure that you get to focus right away the moment that the wedding is over. Clients will usually end up being overly excited and they would want to see how their pictures panned out right away. This means that you will be pressured into producing the final finished pictures almost right away. Don’t waste time in between.

Aim for a target time and do your best to achieve it.

Devote all of your energies into it and don’t ever allow yourself to get distracted or anything like that. When you procrastinate, things can spiral down from there. You start becoming late with submissions and you move on to bigger and worse habits and you need to make sure that you get to nip it right from the bud right then and there. Make it a point to always check out how things will pan out for you in the end and things will immediately follow suit. Once one task delays, it can have a domino effect on the others and you should avoid that from happening as much as possible.

Invest on great software programs to help speed up your wedding photography tasks.

The most ideal programs for wedding photography are Lightroom and Aperture because they allow you to edit in big batches and that’s always a good thing especially when you are dealing with hundreds and hundreds of pictures at a time. When you get to go for a good software program for the picture editing, you cut your editing time down to at least half.