Wedding Photography Tips

  1. tripod useA tripod is lightweight and easy to set up.

A tripod can be an incredibly useful and powerful tool for a wedding photographer. It is something that is handy and can be easily carried around. It usually comes in an elongated bag with a sling handle that makes it quite easy for you to bring it around with you anywhere you go. It is something that is quite easy to assemble and something that you can also easily and quickly dismantle and store again back in the bag with just the drop of a hat. It is a very awesome investment and to be quite honest, every wedding photographer should seriously have it.

2. A tripod is multi-purpose and can really serve a wedding photographer well if he is resourceful and creative enough.

You probably do not know this yet but a tripod has so much more use than just to hold up a camera. As a matter of fact, a tripod can hold up a whole bunch of other items out there. It can be used to hold up a light diffuser, a lighting fixture, a camcorder, and so on and so forth. It can even hold up camera umbrellas during instances of inclement weather and whenever you are shooting outdoors. There are no limits to what a tripod can hold up.

3. Tripods are perfect for filming during times when natural light is limited.

This can be more common than you think. Wedding photographers often have to film during sunsets or sometimes at night time. Cameras tend to auto adjust the shutter speeds and the exposure when they shift to night mode due to reduced light in the sensors. This causes involuntary camera shake that will all the more magnify if the camera is handheld. That is why tripods are so crucial to wedding photographers.

4. A tripod can reduce any unwanted movements in the camera so it is the perfect accessory for portrait shots.

The thing with shooting portraits, particularly the formal ones, is the fact that the smallest or the slightest of movements can ruin the photo altogether. A tripod will come in handy for the wedding photographer in situations such as this.

It is quite common to use a telephoto lens during a wedding event. One of the major struggles a wedding photographer essex needs to face when using a telephoto lens is the fact that the focal length of the lens has the tendency to magnify the vibrations brought about by the camera’s mirror and shutter. These results to unwanted camera shake.

5. A tripod provides tremendous freedom for the wedding photographer.

There are moments wherein a wedding photographer should just step back and assess the scene a bit before he goes right on to capture the shot. This is something that can be quite difficult to do especially if your hands are way too busy. Having a tripod to hold your camera up for you will free up your hands so that you are then left with more creativity and with more room to think about the image that you would like to take the effects that you would like it to have.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography1. Take a cue from the wedding photography experts.

You need to gain your inspiration from those people in wedding photography who have really been there and done that. Start by looking things up online and by checking out the wedding photographers that you like. Follow their blogs. Check out the works that they have posted on their portfolios. Check out all of the things that keep them inspired and interested at some point. Read up on what their tricks are and do your best to absorb them as much as you can. Eventually, you will be able to find out the things that you like and the things that you prefer once you are able to establish your trademark in the industry.

2. Enroll yourself in classes and trainings that will let you acquire skills.

This can help you get better with your art and with your craft. A little formal training in wedding photography will really go a long way. You get your hands on some technical knowledge and that is the kind of advantage of that you absolutely cannot afford to miss out on at some point. Education and training is one of the most important investments that you will ever get to make and it is the kind of investment that pays off in the long run. High profile photography jobs usually do not open up for people without some kind of credence or certification so this is actually something that might be able to help you a lot if you want to get ahead.

3. Read magazines.

This may sound a bit old school but it also helps if you read through some major wedding photography magazines. One of the best and most polished wedding photography styles out there are found in the editorial pages of the fashion wedding magazines. Taking time to leaf through those pages will give you enough inspiration and ideas that will surely notch your style up a bit at some point.

4. Learn how you will be able to edit your photos professionally and on your own.

Get your hands on great photo editing software and a good and working laptop to run the software on and for you to store your images in temporarily while you are going through the post shoot process. You have two ways to go about this; either you can teach yourself how to do it or you can attend some seminars or trainings so that you will be better versed in touching up the photos.

5. Shadow a more established  wedding photographer.

Ask to see if you can attend some of the weddings he is covering. Try to look up a veteran in the field and ask that wedding photographer surrey if he will let you tag along in the wedding events he has. This will more or less help you get your feet wet and get you acclimated to how things go down for photographers during weddings. You will be surprised at how much real world experience you will be getting out of this.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsFinding a professional wedding photographer to cover your event is not the easiest thing to do but with a little research and digging around, this is something that will be fairly possible to do for as long as you are willing to go through the motions. The best place to start is by asking around from friends and family members. Chances are, at some point, they have had some kind of experience working with a wedding photographer. And more than that, if you keep your ears open enough, you might even get a few recommendations that are worth checking out.


You want a professional wedding photographer who has the kind of experience to back him up before you choose to hire him. Experience is everything. As cliché as this may sound, it really can teach people a lot of things that they would not have had the chance of learning if they had to do without it in the first place. You want someone who has had several weddings covered at some point. Going for a total newbie will prove to be a bad idea because you have to always keep in mind of the fact that you are paying top dollar for a service such as this and you deserve nothing but the best of the best. Ask for their running track record of experiences. Look at their online portfolio and check out how you feel about the works that they have posted online.


A great wedding photographer also has a team and knows how to organize the people he works with. You are looking for someone who has a team. Weddings can be huge, messy, and basically just downright overwhelming for just one person to cover it all on his own. You are looking for a team of about three people to help you cover enough ground. The main photographer should be taking care and prioritizing the must-have shots list. The second person in your team should be covering the rest of all of the other miscellaneous shots and kind of follow through on the wedding events. The third person should take care of the rest of all of the other gear and equipment that the team has to lug around all throughout the event.

Formal Training

This is optional and not really that much of a requirement but it will help a lot if you opt to go for a documentary wedding photographer who has a formal training listing in his background. Going for someone who has formal training means that he has a background that is technical enough for him to be just a tad bit more efficient than the others. It also means that he may have already developed a technique of his own which is beneficial for you if you like new things and edgier stuff.

You are looking for someone who knows and values the importance of having and maintaining open lines of communication with his clients. You want someone who talks openly to you and someone who clearly listens to everything that you have got to say.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photographyWedding photography is mainly about making sure that you are able to immortalize the moments that come through on that fateful event. It is the day that two people come together and bring their lives and the rest of their families along to share a life together. Aside from the actual documentation of the event and of all the people who attended it, wedding photography is also all about injecting fun and art in the midst of it all. Keeping the creative juices running may actually be far harder than you would think it is. This is something that you would have to keep working on every single day. You have to look at every day things and work on constantly appreciating the little things and keeping that inspiration running.

And speaking of creativity and inspiration, we have a few stellar ideas that you may want to try out. Wedding photography may be an art as old as time but bringing in new things for you to try out might just be the fresh spin that you can put in to make it more original and interesting not just for your portfolio but for the pleasure of your clients as well, of course.

1. Try to go ahead and take an aerial view of the wedding dress spread out on the grass.

It can also be on the bed. As a matter of fact, any flat surface that is picturesque enough will do. It is something interesting and intriguing. You may even have the variations of just taking photos of the dress alone and even with the bride wearing it as well.

2. Including different generations of women and men in the family is also a great way to make for a creative photograph.

This is something that appeals to a sense of history in the family and something that also evokes touching emotions in both friends and family members.

3. Another great idea would be to have an aerial shot of the couple being surrounded by the people they love and those who love them in return.

It can be in the form of a circle, a heart, or whatever shape you might think might appeal to the aesthetics in the image.

4. Take photos of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen while they are getting ready.

This is a trick that has always been up every wedding photographer’s sleeve but something that still pretty much works every time. Our Los Angeles Wedding Photographer does this most of the time. It is touchy and it has a certain sense of glamour in the works and that kind of feel appeals quite well to people.

5. Take a “first look “shot of the bride with her father.

It is one of the most emotional aspects of a wedding. The dad is basically giving away his little girl. If this is something that you will be able to capture candidly and touchingly, try to stay back so as not to make them self conscious but you can still get close-ups with the help of a telephoto lens that will enable you to do the shot.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photography tipsWedding events are few and far in between and most people only get married once in their lifetime so there is quite the demand to be able to really successfully immortalize the memory of the events that happen during that precious day. This is also the reason why finding a wedding photographer who is a perfect fit for all of the things that you want and need to happen is so important. You are also paying good money for a service like this so you might as well go out of your way in making sure that you make this happen.


The first thing for you to check out would be the kind of style that a wedding photographer goes with. What does he specialize in? There are several types out there. The three main types would be the traditional style, the photojournalistic style, and the fashion editing style which is pretty much a combination of the first two. The traditional style is a very staged and choreographed photography style that gives out most of the artistic control to the photographer. The photojournalistic style is a more casual and less contrived approach. The photographer is sort of a spectator and just lets the events happen while he is in the background taking in the images. The fashion editing style involves a mixture of both traditional and photojournalistic styles.


The next thing for you to find out is whether or not a wedding photographer has enough people in his team to cover your wedding. If it is a relatively huge wedding of say, about a hundred guests, then you will need a team of at least three people in the wedding photography team. Weddings are huge and there are a lot of tasks that need to be covered. You need to make sure that they are covered by all means because what is at stake at products that will give you something to remember your special day by.

Turnaround times

Make sure that you are quite satisfied with a wedding photographer’s promised turnaround times. What you are looking for is basically a wedding photographer who will be able to deliver you the finished photos in a matter of a few days within a week. Any more than that will take too long at some point. You want someone who edits hard and can really deliver results quite efficiently and speedily. They say if you cannot do it fast, you may not know how to do it at all. Take note of that when you are on the lookout for a surrey wedding photographer.


Also try to take the time in really getting to know about the wedding photographer in terms of his previous experiences and in terms of the kind of impression he has left on his previous clients so far. Ask if it is more or less alright for you to contact their former clients to ask for live recommendations. What their clients have to say about them is extremely important and meaningful and should say a lot about whether you will proceed to hire them or not.