Newborn Photography

Calgary Newborn PhotographyGetting the best pictures of newborns or infants is certainly not easy. Newborns and infants offer a small Photography window of opportunity to have the perfect expression or pose to see your little bundle of joy at their most precious moment. For parents or photographers, in order to capture these small moments, there are user friendly gear out there that can make any picture of your little one memorable. Here is a short guide to accessories for Calgary Newborn Photography that are essential.

Essential Accessories for Newborn Photography

  1. Hanging Props

If you want a beautiful image of your newborn or baby, the best prop to use is a hanging prop. Common hanging props include swings or slings. While these props can help produce beautiful images of infants, you need to keep in mind that taking these pictures are more difficult than you would expect. They are so difficult, in fact, it requires more than 2 people in order to get the picture.

  1. Buckets and Crates

There are many variations to using this kind of prop in Calgary Newborn Photography. Crates can be used to put your infant belly up or belly down, depending on the type of photo you want to have. A bucket can even be used to turn it upside down and pose a baby right on top of it. When using these types of props, be sure to have layers of fur or stylish blankets to not only keep your baby warm, but to add some finishing touches to the prop as well. Receiving blankets can also be used to help support an infant’s arms or face when posing them on top of the prop.

  1. Furniture

A great and simple way to pose an infant for baby pictures is to use the furniture in your house. The best type of furniture to use are dressers, an elegant chair, a bed or a polished coffee table. Just take a look around your home and find an interesting piece of furniture to make the most out of any baby photo taken in your home.

  1. Hats and Headbands

Hats and headbands are by far the most common types of accessories used in baby photography. You can use hats or headbands in a variety of colors. However, make sure to choose colors that will complement the background of the photo. Keep in mind that for some infants, leaving them natural is often the best way to go.

  1. Blankets and Wraps

Since there are many ways to create beautiful shots with infants, the easiest way to do so is by using a blanket or wrap to your advantage. A blanket or wrap can be used in shots such as bundling your infant as well as creating a swaddling effect that can keep them calm during the photoshoot.

If you are looking for the best pictures of your little one, there is no other company that delivers quite like Dulce Baby Photography. Specializing in Calgary Newborn Photography, every photo taken will help you cherish your baby in the most precious phase of their life.


portrait photography studioIf you are planning to get some portraits done, you’ve come to the right place to find clues to finding the right place and guy. Portrait photography today is not as simple as standing in the portrait photography studio and have the photographer snap 2 or 3 pictures out of it. Depending on your purpose, you need to choose the right place and a suitable outfit to go with it.

First, you need to find the right person.

Who should take your pictures?

That photographer must have at least a couple of experiences in taking portrait pictures. At the very least, you need to be able to see portfolios of his works and be able to confirm yourself if you like his style. It’s much better if the picture contains someone who has a similar physical appearance to you and took pictures in a place that’s similar to what you want.

The photographer should also be someone you are comfortable to be around with. In case that this is a portrait photography with friends or family, you want to at least bring your partner together when you meet the photographer for the first time. Let someone else sound their opinion and tell you if there’s anything they like or particularly feel uncomfortable about with the photographer.

A quick guide to seeing if it’s going to be a fun session is if the photographer likes to joke around and starts a conversation to break the ice. It makes it easier for you to follow his direction and relax during the photography session later. And you can find one such photographer who owns a portrait photography studio from

The formal parts

After you’ve talked with the photographer, it’s time to get down to the formal and legal parts. This might include the signing of a contract of sorts just to get your agreement on it. Before you sign it, be sure that you get a guarantee on who will become your portrait photographer. You want someone who you’ve been consulting with, not just any photographer who doesn’t even know what you want.

It’s important that the studio is honest in this part, as a portrait session isn’t a cheap thing, to begin with. If it’s someone you have never met before, you can ask to have a meeting arranged to consult with the photographer beforehand. Talk about what the photographer plans, what kind of clothing should you wear as well as makeup and hairdos.

Don’t hesitate to speak out when you are having your pictures taken. If you think that you want to try a new pose, tell your photographer about it. If you think that this particular angle looks bad, ask to be shown the results first. If there’s a special location you want your portrait pictures to be taken at, make the request during your consultation.

Chris Scott

A professional portrait photographer will want to hear out your requests and after that, give you his opinions that are based on the best results that will come. It could be outdoor or in a portrait photography studio, but it won’t stop a professional from taking wondrous pictures of you.

Wedding Photography Tips

wedding photographer KentHow do you know if you have found the right wedding photographer Kent for the job? How do you know if he is able to capture the moments as well as you expect him to? Many photographers out there will tell you that they are professional wedding photographers with years of experience. That makes it sound like they cannot disappoint you.

But the fact is that many couples are easily disappointed as they rushed their decisions. So, here we are, helping you to see the real quality and skill of your photographer.


It’s common sense to look through photographers’ portfolios before you decide on which ones become potential wedding photographers. Many of them must have shown you amazing and stunning wedding pictures. So, make a list and have their names written down there and what’s left next is to meet and interview these people.

Wedding photographers always show their best works but note that they are not necessarily what they always produce. Photography is a very subjective thing and it depends on the photographer’s creativity as well as the wedding. If you got the wrong person, then you won’t get those amazing pictures as you might have dreamt.

Ask them to bring more of their previous works and they have to be of their latest job. That will help you see their skills and not just the best ones.


It’s absolutely important to keep your attitude friendly and enthusiastic when you first meet a potential client. Their first impression of you will really affect their decision because photography is not just about pictures, but helpful photographers as well. Just like how many clients were happy when they met the famous professional wedding photographer Kent, Penny Young Photography.

This makes the conversation something they enjoy and they will feel like coming back to you again if they find you helpful. Making yourself reliable will really ease the process of closing in on a deal with potential clients.

Discuss and communicate

The preparation of a wedding party is one of those things you don’t want to go wrong with. Everyone does their best to make sure it’s going to be a party they will never forget. And while you might have taken on a couple of jobs which are months to years ahead, you do not forget to check in on them throughout the time.

You can ask them how the preparation is going, break the ice and just make sure everything is okay. Who knows, this might be another chance for you to prove your capabilities by helping them with what you can!

After you have a proper plan, you also make sure to talk about it to your clients. You tell them what you will do and make sure that they know what will happen. If there are things your clients want to change, this is their chance to tell you about it and ask to have the changes made.

Every professional wedding photographer Kent do these three things and if you want to follow in their footsteps, you already know what you need to do now!


websites for photographersIt’s truly daunting just to think about what you need to do for your website. We all know that websites for photographers are important if they want a place to preview their works and communicate with clients easily. But that also means one more problem to take care of!

How can you deal with your website and your job at the same time? The answer is simple: you let the professional take care of the job. Instead of trying to master IT and website management, you’re much better leaving the job to someone who knows what to do while you do what you do best.

And here’s the great benefits of letting professionals do the job.

24/7 monitoring

These professionals are hired to do a great job and that’s what they do – nonstop! A good host or support will always be there, ready to answer your concerns or to fix the site when it’s down. They are always quick to act to keep the site up and running.

In the Internet, everything can happen at any time and that may mean you will not have time to do anything else if you want to take care of your site. Leave this job to the people paid for it.

WordPress support

One of the best platforms to build your site on is WordPress, but we see that many people don’t even know what it means to set up their own site from WordPress! You may have used the free version, but not the more complicated one which gives you, even more, features to use. But good websites for photographers must have the necessary plugins as well as a good domain name, both of which you can get from MyPhotoCTO.

It’s going to take a very long time to learn about setting up a site. But letting a host handle will leave with only the job of getting the content ready and installing the plugins that you want. The next thing you know, your host provider is already working on it every day; updating plugins, WordPress version, and protecting it from cyber attacks.

Advertise successfully

The next thing that you need to do after owning the site is to promote it. You want people to know that you already own a photography site where they can look at your works from and contact you. They can even book from there, which makes the whole process easier! But how do you know where is the best place to promote and how?

Setting up an ad on Facebook is not hard, but you risk not knowing the right demographic or words to use. With a professional handling it, you can let them work on it without having to go through a hassle to understand it.

At a budget!

Hiring a professional CTO for your site will cost you a lot of money. But with the company we mentioned, you will not have to pay a fortune for it. It is simple, but gets you the results that you want and provides supports for websites for photographers anytime, anywhere.


photography SEOA lot of photographers are not even sure what photography SEO is. It’s a really daunting task to take care of a site and to learn what kind of content that is necessary to do that.

But we actually have 3 simple ways to improve photography SEO and you probably didn’t know this! These are the three ways you can actually optimize your content as well as your images.

Begin with: words

The best content that attracts customers are the ones with written words that contain the keywords that make it easy to find them. For example, you want to find a wedding photographer based in London, you might use the keywords wedding photographer London. And just like that, you can easily make optimize your page by having the word mentioned a few times in your home page.

But that is not the same with spamming to stuffing the keywords on one single paragraph. This isn’t the kind of keyword that the search engine wants. The best way to do this is to craft a paragraph explaining your site and your service with the keyword. Remember not to stuff them and let the words flow naturally.

You also should not shove the words outside the page or try to put them in invisible mode in hope that the search engine will rank you higher. This is an act that will risk your site’s status and it might ban the site from ever being listed in Google’s index.

Improve loading speed

WordPress is the easiest place to build a site and it easily allows you to set whether you want your site to load completely or step by step as the visitor scroll through the page. However, some of you probably don’t even understand what is being said here. That’s why we recommend you to visit PhotoProSEO to learn photography SEO.

This place will give you an audit on how your site is doing and what you need to do to improve it. Maybe the pictures are not optimized. Maybe the keywords are not being used well enough or maybe the site is outdated! You will also find useful guides on which plugin to use and how to get your site even more exposure and visitors.

The pictures

All those pictures you uploaded are going to be your strongest weapon in attracting visitors. But don’t be shocked to know that simply uploading won’t do anything for you. You need to give them a name, alt text, tags, and proper description! Only then can the search engines index those pictures for you.

Make sure that the description and alt text fits the content of the page that you upload the pictures on. It should also contain the keywords that will make it easy for people to find it. You can use the name of the place, city, country, type of landscape or type of camera that you are using.

Optimizing pictures is something that many photographers are not doing. It’s actually one of the best ways to make people visit their site based on what they do best: photography.

See? Photography SEO isn’t that hard to implement, is it?